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The most famous taxis in history

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The most famous taxis in history

Sometimes a car is designed, and it is almost forgotten as soon as it comes out of the factory. And sometimes a car is designed, and it is immediately recognised as a car that will go down in history. There are quite a few taxis that come under the latter character. We do not know what it is about the taxi, but something about it really captures the imagination, and causes people to really fall in love with not only their local taxi design, but also the absolute classics that you know of from all around the world.

For example, no one can really picture an American taxi without thinking of the huge yellow taxi that typically goes around the streets of New York. However, what you may not know is that the original Yellow Cab Company was founded and based in Chicago! Since then, there have companies using yellow cabs and taxis all around the world. Many people believe that the colour yellow became so popular because it was easy to pick out in a crowd.

Another great taxi design that people have really fallen in love with over the years is the Great British black taxi. The style of the bonnet and the doors is very unusual, which is probably why it has become so iconic. Although the taxi cab is more typically known for being based in London, you can actually catch a taxi in this design in many places around the UK.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite kind of taxi, especially when the history of taxis is so rich. The American yellow cab and the British black cab are just two of the great innovations within the design of taxis, and it is exciting to think what could happen in the next change of taxi design!

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