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Facts related to Leicester Airport

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Facts related to Leicester Airport

Leicester Airport Taxis through our service have been quite dependable since our establishment. Serving our customers here with full commitment is what we offer. The airport is quite an old one serving daily passengers. Its facilities are known for a variety of reasons. The airport not only provides with transportation facilities but also covers up a lot of other services as well. Flying lessons, training school, and other flying based experiences for pilots can be indulged through this commendable airport. Let us look at some historical facts about this famous airport.

The Airport was established by Leicestershire Aero club which had formed in the year 1909. And since then the club has been at its centre providing the various services. The Aero club collaborated with the Imperial Air Command in the year 1916 to deliver the BE 12 aircraft to Canada. The aircraft was named as “The City of Leicester”. However, the club purchased their first aircraft in the year 1929 (after the WWI). They also rented a piece of land in Desford to open up their service there. They named their first aircraft as “The Quorn”. It was later in the year 1931 that they bought land for airport in Braunstone. However, their license for the airport was sanctioned in the year 1935. Leicester airport is also famous for its memberships for some well-known people. The Prince of Wales had landed there and since then had been made a lifetime member of the Leicester Aero Club.

However, all this setup was not permanent as RAF had claimed back the airfield. This was due to the chances of a WWII that required airfields for the war. So the club had to give away their land back then. Later after the war they moved their airfield to a new location of Leicester East Airfield, which got a lease permit. Flying school was also established there which trained pilots for a private license. In 1971, the club got awarded with the Lennox-Boyd Trophy for its aviation services. It was then in the year 1974 Leicester Aero Club renamed the airport as Leicester Airport.

And since then it has been serving passengers with its modern planes. The school still provides with private pilot license and training programs for helping new pilots. And with Leicester airport taxis the cooperative approach to setup a consistent transportation service has since been committed towards the people of the country and the world.

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