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Should You Believe Online Taxi Reviews?

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Should You Believe Online Taxi Reviews?

When trying to think about what taxi company you are going to book to take you to or pick you up from Leicester Airport, many people decide to look at online reviews to get an idea of how each company has treated previous companies. But as we all know, some reviews just look so hurtful and bitter: is that really an accurate portrayal of the entire company? Should you believe online taxi reviews?

Online reviews tell you (whether explicitly or implicitly) whether a customer regretted or enjoyed their decision to book with that particular taxi company. However, it is important to bear in mind that the only people that post reviews on the internet are people that feel like they have something pertinent to say. That means that they would probably have had either a really brilliant experience and want to recommend a company, or they have had an incredibly terrible experience, and want to warn people away from a company. Very few people ever post up mediocre reviews, but in some ways that plays to your advantage. You will be able to see if within the reviews of taxi companies there are any that are frequently mentioned and for the same thing!

You should also take notice of the tone used by the people putting up reviews, and see if they have reviewed anything else. If one person has posted a bad review for five or six taxi companies, and they don’t actually explain what was wrong ñ they just complain ñ it’s probably worth ignoring their reviews. On the other hand, the same thing goes if one person has given a taxi company four brilliant reviews: chances are they are related to someone within the company.

Whatever you eventually decide to do, just remember that after your visit is over, it would really help other people that will soon be visiting Leicester if you post your own review online. This way, more people will be able to make an informed decision about which taxi company to hire when travelling through Leicester.

Here at Leicester Premier Airport Taxis, we pride ourselves on always giving the best service to each of our customers, and we love to hear great stories of how we have made your journey to the airport just that little bit easier. If you’ve got a tale that you want to share, pop it in the comments below!

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