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The do’s and don’ts when taking a taxi

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The do’s and don’ts when taking a taxi

1. DO speak up if your taxi driver is on the phone.

Not only is talking on the phone without a hands free set completely illegal, but it is also really dangerous. Studies have shown that reactions speeds when using a phone with your hands lowers dramatically, increasing the risk of an accident, and therefore danger to you and every other road user. Never be too embarrassed to ask your taxi driver to stop talking on the phone while they drive you: it is your legal right.

2. DON’T expect your taxi driver to make queues disappear.

Of course, taxi drivers could if they would! Because in fact, they spend an awful lot of time stuck in them, and know far more about them than you. But getting irritated with your taxi driver because you haven’t moved for the last thirty seconds is just rude, and will not get you to your destination any faster.

3. DO put on your seat belt.

Safety first, kids. Putting on your seat belt is car safety 101, and yet it is amazing how few people seem to do it when they are in a car that is not there own. The same people that shout at their children to put their seat belts on are the same people lolling in the back of taxis, rolling around every time you turn a corner. It’s ridiculously, and no one should do it.

4. DON’T leave your rubbish in the taxi car.

Would you go to a friend’s house and just empty out your bag of wrappers and gum, leaving it on their kitchen table and then walk out? Didn’t think so. Well, your taxi driver may not be your friend, but they deserve the same level of respect that you would give anyone, and leaving your trash behind in their car is just rude. Most taxi drivers have to look after their own cars, and you are just giving them work which they shouldn’t have to do.

5. DO leave a tip if you are treated well.

Opening the door for you, carrying your bags, taking a short cut that you didn’t know about that saved you time and money ñ it is the little things that make the difference. Taxi drivers get a really bad time from many of their customers, but they still maintain smiles and politeness for each and every customer. Why not recognise that by leaving a little extra. It will put a smile right back on their face to know that they are appreciated.

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