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Three reasons to thank your Taxi driver:

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Three reasons to thank your Taxi driver:

Being a taxi driver is often a thankless business. A taxi driver could easily find themselves pulling ridiculously long shifts, in horrible weather, and with rude and ignorant passengers that do not treat them with respect. Just like so many other workers in the service industry, like waiters and nurses, it is almost too easy for them to be treated badly without anyone batting an eyelid.

At Leicester Premier Airport Taxis, we thought we’d put together three reasons to thank your taxi driver today, as you are dropped off at the airport at the beginning of your journey, or deposited safely at home at the end of it:

1. Taxi drivers go out of their way to help.

Whether it is picking up your bags for you and popping them in the boot, or taking you down a short cut that you weren’t aware of, taxi drivers spend the majority of their day thinking of others. By going out of their way to help you, taxi drivers set the standard for how they want to be treated.

2. Taxi drivers don’t deserve abuse.

No one does! Who wants to receive insults when all they are doing is their job? Taxi drivers deserve the exact same courtesy that you would accord a doctor or a member of your family.

3. Taxi drivers smile through the day.

Which isn’t always easy, if the weather is miserable! Taxi drivers don’t need someone being mean to them, and making them feel down about themselves.

So next time you step into a Leicester Premier Airport Taxi, we look forward to driving you with a smile, and receiving a smile in return.

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