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Best UK celebrities to share your taxi with

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Best UK celebrities to share your taxi with

Here at Leicester Premier Airport Taxis, we take hundreds if not thousands of people to and from the airport every year. For many people, it is not a memorable journey but what if you could share that taxi with a celebrity that hailed from Leicester? Sadly, we cannot promise that you will ever meet these people in the flesh, but if we could organise it, these are the five best celebrities from Leicester that we would love to share a taxi with and you probably didn’t realise were from Leicester:

1. David Attenborough.

Who will ever be able to watch a nature programme that does not have David Attenborough narrating, and be able to take it seriously? Throughout his incredible career, David has completely changed the way that we look at the world, and has definitely made us want to care for it better. He would certainly have some hilarious stories about his times in the wild whilst driving to the airport.

2. Phil Shaw.

You probably haven’t heard of Phil Shaw, unless you are a particular fan of extreme sports ñ and even then, you may not have. Phil Shaw is the inventor of Extreme Ironing, during which the participants take an ironing board and some clothes to a wild location…and iron. He would be a great person to be stuck in traffic with!

3. Richard Armitage.

Perhaps one more for the ladies, but Richard Armitage is Leicester born and bred, and a brilliant actor. He has transitioned from period dramas such as North and South to more terrifying spy thrillers such as Spooks, and he never fails to impress his audiences.

4. The band Cornershop.

So technically this does not count as one person, but then no list of celebrities from Leicester that we would want to share a taxi with could be complete with Cornershop. Haven’t heard of them? Chances are that you love one of their songs without even realising it: Brimful of Asha is the hit that made them famous, and a keen favourite with many 90s kids.

5. Gary Lineker.

Footballer, commentator, eater of crisps: there are so many things that Gary Lineker excels at. Gary is such a brilliant character, it would be incredible to be able to share a taxi with him to the airport. Who wouldn’t want to sit alongside him as he watches the world go by?

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