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31.Jul, 2014 Comments Off on The importance of using a licensed taxi firm

The importance of using a licensed taxi firm

Sometimes, laws that are imposed on us by councils and governments seem to be a little bit excessive, and a little bit just created to make our lives difficult. After all, who can say honestly that they have never broken the law, even a little bit? Sometimes it is speeding…

24.Jul, 2014 Comments Off on Uber Taxis vs. The World

Uber Taxis vs. The World

You have probably seen a lot about a company called Uber in the news over the last few months. For those of you that are not aware of what Uber is, they are a strange sort of hybrid taxi company: not technically taxis, not licensed by any council, not with…

8.Jul, 2014 Comments Off on Different types of taxis

Different types of taxis

The humble taxi has taken hundreds of years to really develop, and as it has developed, it has ended up having many different forms. So what do you know about the history of the taxicab?