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Uber Taxis vs. The World

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Uber Taxis vs. The World

You have probably seen a lot about a company called Uber in the news over the last few months. For those of you that are not aware of what Uber is, they are a strange sort of hybrid taxi company: not technically taxis, not licensed by any council, not with any metres fitted into their cars but they are cars for hire. They instead use a smart phone app to calculate how much to charge their passengers. From relatively small beginnings, Uber now operates in major cities all over the world, but not everyone is happy about it.

There are three main concerns with Uber:

1. There is a lack of safety.

Because Uber drivers are not licensed by your local council, your local council cannot guarantee that those drivers are safe. In fact, there are no real restrictions for who can drive for Uber outside of the company itself. This is especially dangerous for women hailing taxis on their own.

2. There is a lack of certainty.

You never know, with an Uber taxi, what sort of car or driver you are going to receive. Unlike official taxi companies such as Leicester Premier Airport Taxis, you can never really tell what kind of service you are going to receive.

3. There is a lack of consistency.

Because the cost of the journey is calculated through an app, you can never quite be sure if you are going to get a good deal or not.

Of course, you would never run into any of these concerns with an established and respected taxi company. We would advise everyone to never enter into an unmarked taxi, that does not have its license clearly indicated to the passenger. Trust Leicester Premier Airport Taxis to take you to your destination safely.

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