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The importance of using a licensed taxi firm

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The importance of using a licensed taxi firm

Sometimes, laws that are imposed on us by councils and governments seem to be a little bit excessive, and a little bit just created to make our lives difficult. After all, who can say honestly that they have never broken the law, even a little bit? Sometimes it is speeding when over-taking, sometimes we have waited a little longer than we should have done on some double yellow lines ñ but has that really hurt anyone? Probably not.

However, those laws have been created for our own protection, and if there is one law that does that in abundance, it is the licensing laws for taxi firms. You may not realise this, but a person that wants to drive a taxi for a living has to jump through an awful lot of hoops just to be considered. From the very get go, they will have to undertake a complicated written test, as well as another driving test, formulated just for taxi drivers. The most strict and in depth background checks will be followed up on them, to make sure that they will be absolutely safe for anyone that steps into their taxi.

We here at Leicester Premier Taxi welcome all of these rules and regulations. Why? Because if you decide to step into a taxi that does not have a license, you are quite literally taking your life into your own hands. An unlicensed taxi, or taxi firm, has none of these safety measures; their driving skills have not been tested, and no one knows whether or not they have committed any crimes. We would urge all people to never take one step into an unlicensed taxi: instead, trust a company like ourselves that has made sure that every single one of our drivers meet the very high expectations of our local council.

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